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S-Helper Service Model Trains

S scale model train is indeed growing and is becoming popular among modelers. S scale has been the perfect size, it is not too big or too small. You can find well designed s scale trains today and many popular manufacture names have ventured into designing their own s scale model trains. In fact over 200 manufacturers have design s scale model train, even Lionel has introduced its first train set complete with track and transformer.

With the increasing demand of s scale model trains in the market today many producers are now entering the S scale scene. Now you have a wide variety of product choices than before. The price of such trains is on the average but the quality is superb. Many of s scale products are made ready to run and you can use them in your layout immediately without spending so much time in assembling the train anymore.

You definitely find the big names in the model train industry like Lionel, American Flyer, American Models, Scenery Unlimited, S-Helper Service and more. S-Helper Service has been in the business since 1989 and has been producing and selling high quality ready to run S scale model railroad equipment. Among their famous products are box cars, cabooses, ore cars, reefers, SW-1 diesels, SW-8 diesels, SW-9 diesels, NW-2 diesels and stock cars.

To date, S-Helper Service, Inc. continues to improve their product and continue to develop innovative products for their customers. With consistent excellent reviews that they get from their valued customers, from the model railroad press and hobby shop owners, they are committed to deliver the best high quality S scale model trains at a price everyone can afford.

Indeed most modelers now are shifting attention to S scale model trains nowadays, it is the latest craze in the model train industry.

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