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Michael Jackson Masks | Halloween Costumes

Michael Jackson Masks

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This year you can make a real statement with your Michael Jackson Halloween mask! Having left the stage forever this year, MJ is making a serious impact on the way people consider themselves, their lives, and their parties. There is practically nothing more pertinent you can put on your face this Halloween night than a genuine lifelike Michael Jackson mask

Off the wall, Bad and Thriller are some of his record breaking albums that sold millions around the world and making him appear in the Guinness World Records as “The Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”!! His achievements include 13 Grammy’s, 13 singles that have been on the charts for years.

This news came as a complete shock to the world as MJ had just announced a series of 50 concerts in London’s O2 Arena that was scheduled to begin on July 13th. It was said that tickets were sold out completely in under an hour.

Michael is survived by his three children, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

It was also a history making event . Thriller forced the music industry to start playing Black Videos on Television changing the face of music forever. I also remember getting off the subway at Young Street & Bloor in Toronto, Canada and in every direction as far as you could see, there were mini Michael Jackson’s everywhere sporting the tight pants, Red leather Jacket and solo white Glove . To say Michael Jackson is a Legend is an under statement.

Some items of value would be autographs, vintage concert shirts and dolls or action figures from the Thriller era. Autographs or signatures cannot, of course, be produced anymore and therefore hold a lot of value, especially unique one of a kind types with a COA. (certificate of authenticity) The original vintage t-shirts and jerseys from the concert days are also somewhat valuable, especially if they are in good condition. The toy dolls are another item that hold value, the originals from the 1980′s, and if sealed in the original box all the better.

His next album, 1982′s Thriller, established Jackson as a true superstar. In fact Jackson was so “big”┬áduring this time that probably the only valid comparisons as far as level of fame can be made with Elvis Presley in the 1950s and The Beatles in the 1960s.

Click Here To Shop For Michael Jackson Costumes And Accessories

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