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Michael Jackson Glove Costumes | Halloween Costumes

Michael Jackson Glove Costumes

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As much as Michael Jackson belonged to us adults and our generation, and even our parents’ generation, he also belonged to our children. We all grew up with Michael Jackson, following his beautiful music, his hopes and dreams, and controversies. These outstanding sequin glove costume pieces will allow you to commemorate MJ in a way that feels hip, edgy, and absolutely up-to-date. You’ll be treated to a night of dancing and jumping around and screeching  like Michael, creating wonderful memories for you and your whole family.

Michael Jackson was in the eyes of billions having a great deal of fortune and fame, eventually he had to pay a price by being exploited by the Media. Michael as a young teen was teased about his the size of his nose which caused him to go under knife the 1st time, over the years he went through many surgery’s.

While Michael is gone from the physical world, his legacy is sure to surpass the ages. While most of his career took off way before the digital world we live in today, MJ had the top five album downloads on iTunes store and seven of the top 10 this morning. In addition, in Amazon.com’s CD section, the top 15 sellers were by Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5. And certainly this trend will continue to remain constant.

Michael is the seventh child of the Jackson family and made his debut as professional singer at the age of 11 in 1969 as the new member of Jackson 5 then. He began a solo career in 1971 while he was still a member of the group. He was later referred to as “The King of Pop”.

The vinyl, original Thriller and Bad Lp albums (and Jackson Five records) also hold their value. Interesting about Michael Jackson’s Lp’s, especially Thriller, is that this was around the start of the CD age and it makes old albums a “must have” for any collector of Michael Jackson memorabilia to own and add to his display.

Thriller went on to be the biggest selling studio album in world history and it still holds that title today. Thriller was more than just an album, it was a phenomenon and it was known for more than it’s music. The music videos made for the album changed the medium forever. In particular the groundbreaking “Thriller” video is likely the most famous video ever made and many still consider it to be the greatest achievement in music video history.

Click Here To Shop For Michael Jackson Costumes And Accessories

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