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Fanta Girls Costumes | Halloween Costumes

Fanta Girls Costumes

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The dancing Fanta girls, or Fantanas, have made their way into the American consciousness in a big way. Ever since the premier of the famous “Dontcha Wanta Fanta Fanta” commercial series premiered, more and more of us have had that crazy Fanta song stuck in our heads. This Halloween you can have it stuck on your body with these totally sexy Fanta girl costumes.

Just in case you can’t remember the awesome commercials that inspired these Fantana costumes, here you can watch it for free :)

There have been a number of other Fanta commercials with foreign Fanta girls too, wearing similar costumes, the tight brightly colored Fantana garb you see in the costumes above.

There is also this hilarious Japanese version of the Fanta commercial:

Click Here To Shop For Fanta Girl Costumes And Accessories

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